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Living a Sacred Life

Living a Sacred Life – Module 1

Living a Sacred Life is a class designed to cover the things in spirituality that you didn’t receive in school as a child. What if you were taught about energy, the relationship between mind, body and spirit, and that you have access to compassionate beings that can help guide you on your earth journey? How would your life be different? Come find out in Module 1 of this series.

NOTE: All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you’ll be able to stay caught up. Also, there will be a class running concurrently in Aptos (Santa Cruz County) which you can attend as well.

Living a Sacred Life - Module 1, Winter 2017 image

Methods for Well-Being

Explore different ways of creating a balanced and joyful life, both physiologically and psychologically. Develop a practice to stay in harmony with your experience.

Energy, Consciousness, and Science

Hone your understanding of humanity’s purpose on earth and how we heal.  
Explore your body/mind connection and learn to hold your spiritual objectivity.

Connecting to Spirit

Learn about shamanism, spirit guides, archetypes, angels, the higher self, and how to improve your personal connection to Source.  Experience gaining your own answers to life’s questions, and increasing personal empowerment.

  • Life’s Purpose (Personal and Collective)
  • Mother Earth’s Gifts (Plants, Animals, Enviro)
  • Energy (Protection & Cleansing)
  • Journeying (Direct Revelation)

Sundays – 3:30-7pm

  • Jan 22
  • Feb 12
  • Mar 5
  • Mar 26

Cost: $179 for the series
Location: Campbell, CA
More info:
Phone: 408.915.8087