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Distance Healing

Distance Healing

What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing or what is sometimes known as remote healing describes a scenario where the person doing the healing is not in the same physical location as the person receiving the healing. The healing practitioner’s methods are modified to accommodate the distance in whatever way is appropriate. For instance, when doing BodyTalk, I’ll bring the client into a virtual clinic in my mind using a technique called “Mindscape” that was developed by Dr. John Veltheim, the creator of BodyTalk. In this scenario, I go through all of the usual procedures that I would if the client were with me physically, except that I’m conducting the session in my mind.

Communication Methods

I will most often call the client at their chosen location where they can be peaceful and without disturbance for the duration of our session. Sometimes I’ll use Skype if the person is computer savvy and a phone isn’t available. There are times when I’ll just schedule for someone to be in a quiet and receptive place and I’ll do the healing for them and call them at an appropriate time later to talk about what came up during the session. I can even encapsulate the session in an email. There are always accommodations that can be met.

How Does Distance Healing Work?


Distance healing works on the same principles as prayer. When your heart is open to God or the creator and you’re seeking an outcome that is beneficial for the recipient, whatever force in creation that animates our cellular biology and consciousness collaborates with us to achieve the desired outcome if it’s in the best interest of the recipient’s life path. I say it in this way because sometimes, to be compromised or have a certain disease is part of this life’s lessons so that the soul can evolve and learn. This belief is very common in healing and metaphysical circles and most people have a grasp of the concept. This is the deepest honour; to work with someone who has chosen exceptionally difficult lessons for this lifetime and to help them work through the details and achieve healing, balance and wisdom.


If you’re scientifically minded and like empirical evidence to validate your view of reality, there are studies about our consciousness that are being done all the time. In fact, it’s getting to the point that they’re almost everywhere, bridging the gap between scientific proof, pseudo science, and spiritual multi-dimensional consciousness. As quantum theory has become more mainstream in the last decade, proponents have acknowledged that classical physics does much to explain time and space relativity, but the mechanics of thermodynamics can in no way explain spontaneous healing. The interesting thing is that there seems to be a lack of scientists and skeptics around when miracles occur. As an aside; skeptics want to disprove anything they can’t see, hear, smell, or touch, which is easy because evidence abounds for supporting anything that can be consumed by our senses. What would be more interesting is for these same folks to go out and try to prove that miracles happen in spite of our senses.

Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principal” is one of the most famous experiments which demonstrates how the observation of a study affects its outcome. It’s no wonder that you have to have double-blind experimentation. It’s more than having to hide the elements of a research experiment from the researched for fear of deliberate skewing of the results. It’s because the researchers awareness of the research elements will skew the results. That’s the unexplained part of the power of our consciousness.

Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein and Max Planck had to develop new models to describe the affects of their clinical and mathematical observations because classical physics couldn’t. The photoelectric effect showed that electrons would be emitted by liquids, gases and solids when they absorb energy from light. Light is one of the most used concepts in energy medicine. Electrons are constantly being exchanged within your body, and between your body and everything around it. This ionic exchange connects you to me via my observation of you and your energetic state. We’re really just at the tip of the iceberg for this kind of understanding of the power of intentional observation, consciousness, and the power available to us just beyond our physical senses.

In Closing

There are so many more data points that can be written about but I’d rather focus on something that a friend said to me once. We were talking about doing energy healing, and he told me that it would require him to believe in it for it to work. I thought about this and told him, “That’s not necessarily true. I can do healing for a skeptic and get a result that they can’t explain. The challenge for the skeptic is for them to not believe that it doesn’t work, because this is the thing that prevents them from even trying it.”