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Session Details

Sean Dialogue

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are similar to onsite sessions except that you’re in your home or other comfortable environment and I’m generally in my studio. I connect with you energetically and relay information during the session over the phone or by other means that we establish beforehand. There are occasions when I’m on the road and will work from places other than my studio but I still record the session in the case of hypnosis. Read more about Distance Sessions.

Onsite Sessions

Onsite healing sessions take place at my home studio in Campbell, CA and at my office in Los Gatos, CA. The first visit is generally the longest and I always spend time getting to know my clients. This rapport is probably the most important aspect of my healing work. The reason for this is that often, important information for the client comes to me during conversation. I can’t hide the fact that what you’ll experience with me is nothing like a doctor’s office visit and nothing like a therapist’s visit. I’m not bound by convention. This is a good thing because I can change my protocol to suit the needs of the client. The session details change depending on the protocol.


After the conversation, it’s time to move energy. The client lays down on a massage table in my studio. When using BodyTalk, I’ll take a moment and do some inner preparation to commence the session. I hold your hand as a way of connecting energetically and activating my intuition. I silently ask the body questions and the movement of your arm tells me yes or no. Sean BodyTalk I put together a formula of concepts that will bring balance and healing to the body mind. I may at times ask you questions based on things the body tells me, and usually build a trail of thoughts and concepts that I explain as we progress. When the formula is complete, the most common thing to do is to tap on the head and over the heart area to get the body to integrate and respond to the formula.

The healing takes place by you over a period of time. These are not magic bullets that I’m working with. If it took you a number of years to mature into the condition we’re addressing, it will take some time to reestablish balance and well-being. Using a common metaphor, this is like peeling away the layers of an onion to get to the core. Sessions generally take from 45 minutes to an hour but can go longer. I tell clients to book an hour and half of time so no one needs to rush. Read more about BodyTalk.


Sessions can take anywhere from an hour to two hours. The first session is always the longest as we establish our relationship and discuss the issues at hand. I will take notes as I follow along with our conversation because every session is unique and tailored to your needs. Follow-up sessions are used to support the initial session, adding or removing information from the session. These sessions are not as long, usually lasting about an hour. All sessions are recorded and can be shared on CD or mp3 format, shared via email or thumb drive. Read more about Hypnotherapy.

Past Life Regression

During an hypnosis session, there’s also an initial conversation where I ask a number of questions to set the stage for the session. This is vital information to help me to ask the right questions while the client is in a hypnogogic state. This conversation can take an hour if necessary to complete the picture of what we’re working with and I never rush this process. When we’re complete, the client will lay on the massage table and I’ll sit close by and start the induction. If a session takes a long time, we can pause the session while the client uses the restroom and we can begin right where we left off. I always record these sessions so they can be listened to later. Sessions can take anywhere from 2-3 hours. Read more about Past Life Regression.

Shamanic Sessions

These sessions almost always involve a drum or rattle. Usually the client lays down on the massage table and I move about the room. Sometimes I ask you to stand as I move energy around and thru the body. Sean Drumming There are times when I bring the client out into the garden to work with nature. This is very common after a soul retrieval. Shamanic sessions can take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on the type of work we’re doing which I try to establish up front so the client can carve out the appropriate amount of time. I also expect the client to bring a journal because spirit always has valuable information for the client.

If we engage in explicit shamanic work, I do not charge a set fee. This is because the tradition of shamanism is that this is a calling, not an occupation. The spirits call you to do this work because there is so much suffering in the world, and I’ve been called. I need to have a roof over my head to do the work, and need food on my plate for my own health. To do the work, some form of exchange needs to take place. In some cultures, to provide medicine for someone, the medicine man/woman might receive a cow or horse, food, or jewelry, whatever was appropriate for that culture. Money is appropriate for our culture. I leave it up to the client to determine what feels appropriate for exchange. Read more about Shamanism.

Sean with Bowl

Sound Healing

Sound healing is something that generally accompanies a BodyTalk session. There are times when a client needs only sound to support them. This can happen either in person or remotely, although a distance sound session does not translate well over the internet or via phone. These sessions can be recorded and listened to afterward, but the focus is on sending the healing during the time that the sound is being generated. Read more about Sound Healing.

Office Hours

Monday, 12pm – 4:45pm
Tuesday, 12pm – 6pm
Wednesday, 12pm – 6pm
Friday, 12pm – 6pm

Cancellation Policy

Sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time. If you do not reschedule or cancel within 24 hours prior to the session, you will be charged half price on the session, or if we’re doing an alternative healing therapy, you will get a distance session at the scheduled time. In the case of the latter, since this work is energetic, you still receive the full benefit of the session and my schedule isn’t fractured. You will receive a bill via PayPal unless other arrangements are made or the session is pre-paid. This is a more than fair arrangement for both of us. The only drawback is that we don’t get to talk. If you contact me about working on something specific prior to the session, I can work on that, otherwise I will simply go with the priority that the body gives me.