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How to Forgive

Forgiveness Flowers

This writing on how to forgive is part of a larger exploration on the act of forgiveness that I’m working on. I’m presenting the finer points in a condensed format here to help others in their process because this type of healing is extremely important. In fact, I feel it’s the ground floor of personal healing and probably one of, if not the largest of obstacles preventing us from experiencing peace and happiness. Why to Forgive There are many reasons

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A Sensible Thank You

Sedona Sky image

Thank you for my eyes. With them, I see a kaleidoscope of colours all around me. The reminiscent scarlet red; the vibrant and shocking yellow; the bold and brave orange; the frosty and sensible blue. I can see the creator’s hand in the designs of rippling stone; the cavernous openings into a world of stalagmites and stalactites; the smallest crevices and fissures in mother earth’s sacred bones. With my sight, I am able to see all that I’m a part

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Healing Aftercare

Quan Yin Image

Healing aftercare is necessary after we’ve seen a healing practitioner. During an appointment with a doctor, therapist, energy healer, psychologist, etc., we are given attention, direction, facilitation, tips and guidance. We’re encountering healing, though it’s important to note that the healing is coming from ourselves via the practitioner. What happens after the appointment is just as, if not more important than what happens during the session. What I want to focus on here are a few ideas to bring the

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The Law of Intention

Extraterrestrial Highway Image

You’ve probably heard of the “law of attraction.” If you haven’t, it goes like this: If you want something in your life that you don’t have, you need to be in a state of having it to attract it to you. The basis of this comes from physics and the law of resonance, that when one object is vibrating at a particular frequency it sets up a vibrational field that motivates another object that has the same resonant frequency to

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Arbor Meditation

Mato Tipila Tree Image

Amazing Trees The natives to the North American continent call them the “standing ones.” They’re one of the most important species on the planet in terms of their nurturing of our atmosphere. Without them, we could never remove the carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants from the air we breathe. Basically, we can’t live without them. I’m talking about the tree nation. Many of those that understand the depth to which the trees help to support our ecosystem and our

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Food Purification

Romanesco Image

Food purification on an energetic level is something that I see as absolutely necessary. There are a lot of people that will tell you what and what not to eat to support optimal health. A lot of these recommendations are mostly “pie in the sky” because food costs are continually climbing, growing your own food is difficult at best, our food education has been hugely distorted by the FDA, and most of us are living hand-to-mouth lifestyles. Also, I believe

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