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I am NoThing, i Am Everything

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Who am “I”? What is “I”? At a very early age in life, we develop a sense of “I-ness” but we don’t start out this way. We begin in a dream, in a place of wonder, where we’re connected to every living thing. Over time we separate ourselves and lose much of the vital spirit that connects us to the web of life. How do we regain this vital part of ourselves? In the Beginning, We’re One With Everything Current

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Sermon – Living a Sacred Life

This is a sermon that I gave at The Center for Creative Living in San Jose on 3/16/2016. The topic was based on my class, “Living a Sacred Life”, but focuses on the benefits of doing so rather than anything the class itself teaches. I’m introduced at 2:22 if you want to skip the long intro. Living a Sacred Life Class For more information on the class see: Living a Sacred Life. If you’re interested in the Spring class, please

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Staying in Awareness

Staying in Awareness - Sun Hawk

We Are Humans Having a Spiritual Experience When Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” he was trying to ensure the fact that spirit is alive in us at all times. It’s a beautiful notion, but it needs to be turned on its head. Once we are in human form, our filter system is designed to lose all connection to the divine and our path is to reclaim it. We need to acknowledge the

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The Difference Between
Religious and Spiritual

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Why Does It Matter? I began this point of inquiry because I was asked to give a talk by my church on understanding indigenous religions. I didn’t choose this title, but it seemed as close as I would get to the subject that I’d discuss, which was, the qualities of indigenous civilizations and how their belief systems differ from those of the major world religions. I wasn’t comfortable relating the term “religious” with indigenous cultures because I could only relate

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A Sensible Thank You

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Thank you for my eyes. With them, I see a kaleidoscope of colours all around me. The reminiscent scarlet red; the vibrant and shocking yellow; the bold and brave orange; the frosty and sensible blue. I can see the creator’s hand in the designs of rippling stone; the cavernous openings into a world of stalagmites and stalactites; the smallest crevices and fissures in mother earth’s sacred bones. With my sight, I am able to see all that I’m a part

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Healing Aftercare

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Healing aftercare is necessary after we’ve seen a healing practitioner. During an appointment with a doctor, therapist, energy healer, psychologist, etc., we are given attention, direction, facilitation, tips and guidance. We’re encountering healing, though it’s important to note that the healing is coming from ourselves via the practitioner. What happens after the appointment is just as, if not more important than what happens during the session. What I want to focus on here are a few ideas to bring the

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Arbor Meditation

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Amazing Trees The natives to the North American continent call them the “standing ones.” They’re one of the most important species on the planet in terms of their nurturing of our atmosphere. Without them, we could never remove the carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants from the air we breathe. Basically, we can’t live without them. I’m talking about the tree nation. Many of those that understand the depth to which the trees help to support our ecosystem and our

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