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EMFs and EHS – What You Must Know to Stay Healthy

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Why Focus on EMFs? What are EMFs? The Problems with EMFs? Aren’t There EMF Regulations? What is Dirty Electricity? The Facts about EMFs and Our Health Symptoms of EMFs and EHS Recommendations for Dealing with EMFs Resources and Scientific Studies Related to EMF Health Why Focus on EMFs? The purpose of this article is to give a high level education on the effects of electromagnetic fields or EMFs on our health and provide immediate solutions to staying healthy and avoiding

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Purple Savior Smoothie

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Purple Savior Breakfast Blend 1 Serving = 16oz, 150 Calories Recipe makes 2 Servings 1 Cup – Blueberries 1 – Small Apple 1/2 – Banana 3/4 Cup – Purple Kale 1/4 Cup – Fresh Parsley 1-1/2 TB – Fresh Ginger 1/2 TB – Cinnamon 1/2 tsp – Turmeric 1/4 tsp – Black Pepper 1/2 TB – Flax Meal 1/2 TB – Chia Seeds 1/2 TB – Sesame Seeds 1/2 Cup – Pomegranate Juice 1/2 Cup – Coconut Water 1/4 Cup

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Staying in Awareness

Staying in Awareness - Sun Hawk

We Are Humans Having a Spiritual Experience When Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” he was trying to ensure the fact that spirit is alive in us at all times. It’s a beautiful notion, but it needs to be turned on its head. Once we are in human form, our filter system is designed to lose all connection to the divine and our path is to reclaim it. We need to acknowledge the

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Find the Cause of Dis-ease

Finding the Cuase of Dis-ease - Sunset Sedona, AZ

The reason I’m addressing this topic is to illuminate the cause of dis-ease to oneself. When I talk about dis-ease, I’m talking about anything that causes discomfort to the body-mind system. This can be an emotional torment, repeated mental activity like addiction or disruptive thought patterns, or physical impairments to a properly functioning body. I intend to provide tools to help with the healing of these things via the process of revealing their root cause. Know Thyself Back in the

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Healing Aftercare

Quan Yin Image

Healing aftercare is necessary after we’ve seen a healing practitioner. During an appointment with a doctor, therapist, energy healer, psychologist, etc., we are given attention, direction, facilitation, tips and guidance. We’re encountering healing, though it’s important to note that the healing is coming from ourselves via the practitioner. What happens after the appointment is just as, if not more important than what happens during the session. What I want to focus on here are a few ideas to bring the

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Food Purification

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Food purification on an energetic level is something that I see as absolutely necessary. There are a lot of people that will tell you what and what not to eat to support optimal health. A lot of these recommendations are mostly “pie in the sky” because food costs are continually climbing, growing your own food is difficult at best, our food education has been hugely distorted by the FDA, and most of us are living hand-to-mouth lifestyles. Also, I believe

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