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The Silent Minute

Silent Minute Stopwatch image

This coming Saturday, Dec 21 at 9pm GMT, the world will be re-creating “The Silent Minute” for peace to prevail on Earth.   This began during WWII in 1940 in England, and was repeated each night as Big Ben was broadcast over the radio to initiate the silent minute of prayer to thousands as a call for peace. From an esoteric perspective, it was also a time that the spirits of those not currently in physical form could lend their energy

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Everything Has Spirit

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This is an excerpt from my upcoming book,“Living a Sacred Life.” All over the world are traditions that recognize that everything has spirit. What does it mean to have spirit? This could be described that everything communicates with a sort of language or consciousness that helps send and receive information. For the purposes of this writing, it’s more important to have a model that feeds our thinking minds with a framework that provides options for our spiritual evolution. When we

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Evening of Shamanic Sound Healing

This is a live event that takes place on the last Thursday of every month at Center for Creative Living in San Jose, CA. Every month is a different theme but the process is the same. Sean sets up the altar Everyone writes out the names of people, places, animals, situations that need prayers for healing for We call in the spirits We go thru a guided journey to help us heal and raise our vibration to a higher state

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Staying in Awareness

Staying in Awareness - Sun Hawk

We Are Humans Having a Spiritual Experience When Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience,” he was trying to ensure the fact that spirit is alive in us at all times. It’s a beautiful notion, but it needs to be turned on its head. Once we are in human form, our filter system is designed to lose all connection to the divine and our path is to reclaim it. We need to acknowledge the

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The Difference Between
Religious and Spiritual

El Santuario de Chimayo image

Why Does It Matter? I began this point of inquiry because I was asked to give a talk by my church on understanding indigenous religions. I didn’t choose this title, but it seemed as close as I would get to the subject that I’d discuss, which was, the qualities of indigenous civilizations and how their belief systems differ from those of the major world religions. I wasn’t comfortable relating the term “religious” with indigenous cultures because I could only relate

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The Law of Intention

Extraterrestrial Highway Image

You’ve probably heard of the “law of attraction.” If you haven’t, it goes like this: If you want something in your life that you don’t have, you need to be in a state of having it to attract it to you. The basis of this comes from physics and the law of resonance, that when one object is vibrating at a particular frequency it sets up a vibrational field that motivates another object that has the same resonant frequency to

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