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Everything Has Spirit

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This is an excerpt from my upcoming book,
“Living a Sacred Life.”

All over the world are traditions that recognize that everything has spirit. What does it mean to have spirit? This could be described that everything communicates with a sort of language or consciousness that helps send and receive information. For the purposes of this writing, it’s more important to have a model that feeds our thinking minds with a framework that provides options for our spiritual evolution. When we have options, we have growth. Without options, we stagnate. Without a model that gives spirit to all things, we abuse each other and the planet which can be seen by the irreverence our industrialized world has cast upon our home, Mother Earth. For the sake of a healthy story, let’s say that the cells of all livings things have a sort of antenna that connects with an energetic database of instructions. Let’s say that those instructions are stored in the lattice structures of minerals all over the planet. This database is accessed from each stem cell that is a part of a geometric shape that exists throughout the vacuum or zero point field. As each shape fulfills itself, it draws from its relationship to the domain in which it exists. A domain could be Earth herself. Her database is her minerals which reflect themselves within her domain. The stem cell completes the geometric shape in which it is a part, and fulfills its instructions with the other stem cells that complete a function, self aware of the group’s instruction until its instruction is fulfilled.

To say that all living things have spirit is to say that everything has a purpose which is to fulfill its part within its group, to follow its instruction set until its geometric form and its resonant frequency has had a chance to complete its vibrational life cycle. Vibration starts with a movement that increases as it finds itself, coming to its apex, and then diminishing at about half the rate at which it grows. Everything in nature is swimming within invisible structures that are interdependent upon each other, pulsing in and out of existence over periods that are so slow or so fast they’re barely perceptible by our species and its limited sensorial cognizance. If we could revere what we don’t understand instead of trying to conquer it, our relationship to it would be in harmony and we would fit together. The aborigines of the world have known this probably longer than any other human species. It’s not that we need to be limited to it, living in a prehistoric world, but rather that we tread softly uniting our understanding with it as it comes to understand us.

Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” The thing that’s interesting about that statement is that “thinking” in itself requires distinctions. We didn’t invent language as a result of our being able to think. Our brains evolved and we acquired the awareness of language to describe our thoughts. What we developed alongside our thinking was our idea of self. A more accurate statement would be, “I think, therefore I have self.” We distinguish one thing from another, of self from others, by the observations we make. This happened before we began naming things. It happens with primates all the time without thinking. Our utilization of language came long after our relationship of self developed. In fact, in primates and in insects, group trumps self, and language of group is present. This ancient communicative priority still exists in our relationship to family for many humans, especially for mothers who identify with the loss of self for the family. This is group mind as opposed to self mind; oneness as opposed to twoness, thinking as opposed to no thinking; in relation to all as opposed to in relation to self. Both utilize language which is the interface by which creation splits itself into binary parts to express itself in the world of duality. Spirit is the force inherent in that split. To come into alignment with the spirit in all things is to embody that force.

Language isn’t something that we experienced as a result of the development of the neocortical part of our brains, it’s something preexisting, in fact inherent in creation itself. The fact that spirit moves through all things is in fact proof of language. Things are either in harmony or disharmony with that language, i.e., like a vibrational field will be attracted to or repelled from what it comes into contact with. Such is the ebb and flow of all things. Although I’m not a mathematician, I’ve observed in those that are that they have tapped into the structure of this language model of creation and are expressing its structure, thus able to define the relationship of all things. As they’ve discovered the Golden Mean and the relationship to the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Angles, they’ve discovered not just patterns in nature but nature’s language. To me, this implies spirit utilizes a model to manifest.

To communicate with spirit is to use a different part of our ability to use language. It sits somewhere between the group mind and the self mind. It’s the state of nothing or no thing. It’s the bridge that connects the 0 to the 1, that happens before the force of the split of Spirit to create. This is the place of potential. From this place, we are guided by something else. Some call it the higher self, the holy spirit, shakti, etc. Whatever it is, it’s a place of inspiration where our being compels us to respond to the position of an order that exists within the fundamental fabric of creation itself. When our minds can adopt the structure of this language into our thinking processes, we can utilize it to communicate in the language of Spirit, communicating with plants, animals, and beings on the other side of the veil.

Sean Michael Imler

I am a minister, life coach, hypnotherapist, and spiritual energy healer from Campbell, California. I help people on all levels of body, mind, and spirit to overcome emotional and physical dis-ease, and bring about optimal health and well-being. Learn more at BlueBearHealing.com.

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