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Healing Methods

Healing Methods

Holistic Energy Healing

When working to facilitate healing in others, one must reach for the most appropriate tool for that person. I believe in science and I believe that there’s a benevolent force (God, Creator, Yahweh, Tunkashila) which we are made in the likeness of. I call on that force to guide me to say what you need to hear, to balance what you need balanced, to shift whatever energy is blocking your spiritual progress, and move whatever is causing you dis-ease.

I look at the whole system of who you are: your diet; your spiritual practice; your beliefs; what you’ve seen and done in life; your epigenetics and environmental influences; even the energetic blueprint that you came into this lifetime with. I support the western medical model and strive to understand physical conditions as explained from that point of view. I also strongly believe in the eastern medical traditions of China and India and their recognition of the role of our emotions and mental perspective influencing our health. This holistic approach helps me get to the influences and causes behind dis-ease and emotional trauma. My intention is to clear them out of the body-mind so you can be free of the weight that has held you back from living a vibrant life.

My Goals for You

  • Your body feels good and you enjoy being in it.
  • Your relationships with others are supportive and harmonious.
  • You can handle stressful situations with calm and ease.
  • You have balance between work and play.
  • You don’t dwell on the past but look forward to the future.
  • Your eating habits support your well-being.
  • Your biological cycles are smooth and you are adaptable to them.
  • Your mood is peaceful and you find joy easy to come by.
  • You sleep peacefully and soundly.
  • You mind is clear and focused when you want it to be.
  • You understand why you see/hear things that other don’t.
  • You’re being different is a blessing.
  • You find reflections of miracles all around you, all the time.
  • You find miracles within yourself.

For over 25 years I’ve inquired and observed our essential natures as human beings. Why we struggle, why we fight, why we hurt, and what we can do about it. I’ve listed a few things that I do here, but of course there’s more. Every turn in a session is an opportunity to pull something out of the hat that appropriately guides a session into the most fortuitous place for the client. Much of this comes out while conversation is happening, before and during the session. In fact, I tell clients that the session actually begins when the appointment is made.


The reason I got involved with BodyTalk is that it’s an inclusive healing modality that draws much from non-dualistic thought. It’s relationship to quantum physics and holistic medicine sat well with my view of reality, not to mention it’s directive to treat most ailments as reflections of personal consciousness and awareness.
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The only aspect of BodyTalk that isn’t explicit is the assistance of other beings in doing healing work. My personal cosmology is so intertwined with working with angels and spirit guides that I weave this into BodyTalk when I do sessions. Sometimes, I won’t use BodyTalk at all and only work with the spirit and angelic realm, depending on the client’s needs and the current situation. I tend to call myself a healing facilitator because I believe that we all do our own healing. I just point the way, and this is always with the help of spirit guides and angels.
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Sound Healing

Being a musician since I was child, it’s always been a desire to use music for healing. In sessions, there are times when I bring in chanting, mantras, breath work, singing bowls, and toning to facilitate the movement of energy in the body. It always seems to me that certain clients have a natural affinity for working with sound, so when it comes up for these clients, it really helps release blockages that prevent them from living to the best of their being.
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The term “hypnosis” was coined by James Braid 150 years ago. Various medical practitioners have used hypnosis to produce a mental anesthesia for surgeries and medical conditions, long before chemical anesthesia was available. The mind over body effect has been studied and written about in hundreds of books and research papers. It’s ability to help people on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels is remarkable. It’s ability to help recondition our minds with healthy patterns is known first-hand to me as well. I was able to have my wisdom teeth extracted when the chemical anesthesia didn’t work on me, by using self hypnosis. I was a smoker for 14 years before a hypnotherapist helped me to stop smoking in just 3 sessions. I know it works, and I know it can help you as well.
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Past Life Regression Hypnosis

I can actually work with past lives using BodyTalk, and they do come up a lot because we’re not living in a linear universe the way our brains think we are. Quantum Physics and String Theory are showing quite the opposite; that we’re living in a holographic universe where time and space fold on themselves and we’re only perceiving the illusion of what our senses can absorb and what our brains can process. PLR can tell amazing stories about our individual fundamental natures regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not. Even if it’s simply a door to the subconscious, I’ve witnessed some amazing stories that spoke perfectly to the nature of someone’s physical and emotional conditions, and was able to shift the client into healing and understanding. This enables them to experience freedom from old patterns, habits, and even physical conditions that were otherwise debilitating.
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Other Healing Methods

I incorporate the study of many alternative and traditional healing art forms into my practice. I have a keen sense of what will work for particular clients, holding their personal beliefs and faiths in high regard and treating the whole person with the most appropriate approach. Other commonly used modalities are EFT, guided meditation, soul retrieval, astrological assessment, compassionate spirit release, San Baio and BioGeometry.