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  • Control Your Weight
  • Generate Peace & Calm
  • Eliminate Fears & Phobias
  • Improve Learning Skills
  • Control Pain
  • Boost Self Esteem & Motivation
  • Improve Sleep Patterns
  • End Habits and Addiction
  • Create Vibrant Health
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Enhance Creativity

What is Hypnotherapy?

Our lives are filled with patterns. We start developing them at a very early age. Our emotional responses to people often reflect the responses we had to our parents as children. Most of our emotional reactions to situations are learned during childhood. Our behavior as an adult isn’t that much different to behavior toward our experiences on the childhood playground. All that we do repetitively and all things that are second nature, all automatic emotional reactions and behaviors are merely patterns stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is programmable. This is how it is able to store our patterns. This is also the reason hypnosis works, because the hypnotic trance ushers us into a place where we can reprogram the subconscious mind with better patterns that are more in line with us as adults rather than the patterns we developed as children. This explains why traditions of meditation have existed on our planet for centuries, because the yogis and sages have known that most people were still acting and reacting as adults based on what they learned as children. Hypnotherapy utilizes the trance state to help us grow up and be who we’re meant to be.

Hypnosis is a fast, effective, and direct way of accessing the subconscious mind to improve our state of well being and transcend our limitations. The process of hypnosis is as simple as deeply relaxing and letting go of extraneous influences during the session. While in this deep state of relaxation, positive and affirming suggestions are programmed into the mind with the help of the imagination. The more intelligent and creative you are, the easier the process is. Different effects are achieved either by learning self hypnosis and applying autosuggestion, or by utilizing a trained hypnotist to facilitate suggestion to the subconscious mind. In either case, the only thing required is a desire and commitment to change.

What Hypnotherapy Isn’t

A lot of people get worried about being put into a trance because the movies over the last 40 or more years have portrayed people being put into a trance and doing absurd things they weren’t aware of doing. The truth is that these are Hollywood fantasies to create a dramatic effect. A true hypnotic trance state is actually similar to daydreaming, and the depth you go to is similar to deep states of meditation. You always have awareness and control over what’s happening. The choices you make are your own. The therapist is only making suggestions that are beneficial, and directed by your personal desires for self betterment. Hypnosis excels at addressing the underlying factors that drive our habits of overeating, smoking, and negative thoughts. It can help with pain management, memory recall, self esteem, insomnia, and health issues. And… it’s especially powerful for stress management and, athletic and mental performance.