Shamanic Sound Healing - Blue Bear Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing is a way to bring our intentions for healing into manifestation. Join me, Sean Michael Imler who will lead the group. I will ask you to write out prayers for people, places, situations, animals, etc. on paper that I pass out. These will be tucked under the altar through which I call in the spirits. We will do a shamanic journey that’s called upon by spirit for the evening. Sometimes there’s a teaching. We will then collectively focus on healing while chanting, and lastly connect through sharing. We begin promptly at 7pm and there are no ins and outs as this is a shop and they lock the front door to the public at 7pm. We usually finish by 8:15 but the shop will still be open for purchases until I pack up my altar and we leave.

There is no fee to attend but donations are greatly appreciated.

The Center for Creative Living, located at 1460 Koll Circle, Ste. C. in San Jose, CA is a sanctuary and healing center. It’s run by Rev. Doti Boon and her partner Corky Whitacre. We will start gathering at 6:30pm to get to know each other, set up the altar, sign in, and write out our prayers. Punctuality is vital because once the ceremony starts right at 7pm, there can be no interruptions so the door will be closed. The entrance to the sanctuary is in the back of the building where there is plenty of parking.

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If you have any furthers questions, don’t hesitate to contact Sean.