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Sean is an amazing and insightful healer.  When I first came to Sean, I had been in traditional therapy for some childhood trauma when a friend suggested that BodyTalk might be helpful to me. I thought I would give it a try, but I was not sure what to expect.  Sean immediately put me at ease with his grounded and compassionate demeanor.  As I listened to him explain various aspects of his practice, I was impressed by the breadth of his knowledge and his holistic approach to my healing.  We had several BodyTalk sessions and a soul retrieval.  With his help, I was able to access parts of myself I didn’t consciously realize were there.  I was able to gain some incredible insights that have helped me empower and comfort myself.  I was also able to clear a lot of blockages that have prevented me from feeling strong and in flow.  Sean is definitely an incredible ally for anyone who is on a healing journey.

AmyLea M., Santa Cruz, CA

I’ve had several sessions with Sean, who has used both BodyTalk and Shamanic healing methods, and it has been an extraordinary experience for me. His methods are truly holistic, in that they involve healing the mind, body and spirit, and they are science-based as well. Sean is very skillful and experienced in his healing techniques, and he offers practical advice for maintaining optimal health and inner peace in a potentially toxic world. In partnership with Sean and two medical doctors who know me well, I have been able to pull myself out of the second most debilitating medical crisis in my life. I still have more healing to do, but the worst aspects are over for me.

Rich S., Campbell, CA

Where does someone who is an advanced student in shamanic healing themselves go when they are hurting? Not only is Sean the first person I would contact to help me but he is the first person I would recommend to anyone else if they were suffering from complex physical or emotional issues, especially if they have tried everything else. One of the main reasons Sean is so exceptional in this work is his wide knowledge of many healing modalities and his ability to pull them together to weave a format which both finds the cause of the problem as well as how the client can create the conditions to stop the problem from returning for good. If receiving help through a solely energetic format is seen as too “far out” for some, I would advise to rethink that premise. I worked as an R & D lab professional for 15 years where hard core facts and physical results were what mattered. This work provides profound physical, tangible results where traditional medical and other singularly used alternative therapies failed to work.

Nora D., Russian River, CA

Working with Sean is both comfortable and challenging at the the same time. Like a competent guide taking someone to the depths of their soul, Sean instills a calmness and clarity that enabled me to come away with some valuable insights and tools that I am now incorporating on a daily basis. His intuitive sense coupled with his tremendous patience, keep him following a path tirelessly toward my own healing. I am forever grateful for the difference his work has made in my experience of life.

Richard A., Hilo, HI

I have been absolutely amazed at the BodyTalk results I have had with Sean Imler. I first sought Sean’s support with the hope of finding relief from a confounding spectrum of compulsions/addictions and troubling emotions. We have had several sessions together over the period of a few months, and during that time many remarkable shifts have occurred. Before working with Sean, I was anxious and depressed much of the time and extremely frustrated with the way my life was going. I felt heart-wrenchingly insecure in my romantic relationship, and was plagued with unhealthy behaviors over which I seemed to have no control. I felt totally stuck and quite unhappy with myself.

Although my aggravating tendencies have not gone away completely, almost all of my “issues” have lightened up to an extraordinary degree. I have experienced extended moments of complete peace and contentment – feelings which had altogether eluded me in the past. I gained a new awareness of the underlying sense of not ever being right or okay that was driving my compulsive behaviors. Because of the violent atmosphere in which I was raised, I was locked into a pattern of feeling like it was unsafe to simply be who I am. There was a constant need for something outside of myself to fix or soothe me. I will always remember the moment that I first felt free of that nagging sense of needing something. The compulsive behaviors have naturally adjusted with my new state of being. My shopping addiction is now almost completely gone. The formerly insatiable desire to acquire something new rarely pops up these days, and when it does I’m able to make more conscious decisions about how I spend money. Another big concern was my relationship to food. I had frequent cravings, and often couldn’t stop eating because I rarely felt satisfied. My willpower kept me from gaining weight, but the ongoing internal struggle was hell. I still battle with food cravings, but now enjoy a feeling of satisfaction much more of the time. Even stronger than the pull to shop or eat, my most frustrating addiction has been to picking at blemishes on my skin. This obsession haunted me daily for 30 years. I could spend up to 3 hours at a time in front of a mirror picking at my face, which often left me physically marred, sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed with shame. I frequently had trouble taking care of my responsibilities because I couldn’t pull myself away from the mirror. I still struggle with this one too, but the compulsion has lessened considerably. Picking now feels like more of a choice and less of a need.

The most profound shift for me has been in how I feel in my romantic relationship. Here again, I am significantly less needy. I used to worry incessantly that I cared more for him than he did for me, (a recurring pattern in my life). I was in anguish over the fact that he never told me he loved me, even though he acted very lovingly toward me. I felt vulnerable and insecure without a commitment from him. But lately I feel much more expansive. I know I’m fine with or without his love, and choose to be with him because I enjoy his company. The unhealthy attachment is loosening its grip. He surprised me the other day by telling me that he loved me, which was amazing, but at the same time I noticed that “getting” his love had ceased to be the goal. I feel much lighter and freer.

The sessions with Sean have been really wonderful. I always feel completely safe and cared for in his presence, and find it very easy to open up with him. His kindness and compassion are palpably evident. I am grateful beyond words for the beautiful changes that he has facilitated in my life, and look forward to ever greater levels of happiness!

Emily K., San Jose, CA

I had two problems when I saw Sean.  I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which caused constant pain in my abdomen. We also worked on my Thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease which caused nodes in my neck. I had Sean work on that as well. I had a new ultra sound and the nodes had shrunk considerably, so a biopsy was no longer necessary. My IBS has cleared up as well, no more episodes, no more pain.
Thank you, Sean.

Sherry I., North Hollywood, CA

Sean has a gift of healing that is augmented by his training in several modalities. I went to Sean not knowing what to expect.The time with him was not only healing and soothing, (just sitting with him), but the work that he did was very integral in key areas of healing in my life. I have worked with Sean both in person and remotely and the work has been life changing. Sean is able to create a space of healing and safety and hold that space with his clients. I have referred other people to Sean and will continue to work with him and refer others. I really appreciate that Sean is a practitioner sharing his gift and calling with us all!

Marianne A., Willow Glen, CA

I highly recommend Sean’s healing work! I am in the healing field myself and I am extremely impressed with the synergy of modalities that Sean utilizes and the timely effectiveness of them. Sean helped me work through long held challenges with my mother that were energy/health draining . In two sessions I was able to clear and heal my relationship with her, which has in turn freed up precious energy for my health and more pleasurable things in my life. Life is just better when you have someone like Sean to hold a loving nonjudgmental space for you. I feel so blessed to have such a gifted healer in my life!

Andy M., Aptos, CA

I’ve wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about our work for months now, but still find myself at a loss for words to describe how valuable and important your work has been. After not knowing what to expect my first session, I came home and jokingly described it as a year of therapy condensed into two hours (based on what came up for me). That timescale still seems to apply after a few months of work, which is why it is nearly impossible for me to articulate what you have done. You’ve helped me explore and face my past and heal myself. You’ve also helped me deepen my relationship with my wife and children in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Saying thank you is such an understatement, but…
Thank you, so much!”

Gary G., Royal Oaks, CA

I‘ve been delighting in the idea of “being” as opposed to “doing” ever since our session today. I’ve been very, very busy all my life “doing.” But now, I very much want to have more time to “be.” I’ve not articulated that as an idea before, but it’s so true. I think our session will help me to create a life I’m happier with. Thank you!

Alexandra Hopkins, La Crescenta, CA

To experience a healing with Sean is an incredibly Dear experience. He guided me to places within me I have always known and trusted, and helped me recognize fears that were inhibiting my heart to fully express and blossom. This is unlike any healing I have had before where when it ends I leave at the same level of consciousness I operated under when I arrived, and to put as simply as possible, he guided me to find my heart so I can act out and live solely from that place. I have allowed my fear of failure and attachments to past failures dictate my inability to move forward, and he unlocked these blocks for me.

Ashley A., Dallas, TX

I recently came back from a very strong emotional experience visiting my family in Canada. Without going into details, let’s just say, I came back feeling I brought back with me heavy and dark energies that were not mine – what some might call “entities.” I was so disoriented and it felt as though a dark shadow had clouded my whole being. Where can I go and explain this kind of feeling? Not an MD’s office and not even most alternative practitioners. Without a doubt I knew I had to see Sean for this. Within just 15 minutes of sitting with him in his magical back yard, I felt the weight lift off of my solar plexus area while the trees transformed the darkness into neutral natural energy. He then performed an array of shaman energy clearing. The release was intensely felt and I left his place a thousand pounds lighter! Without his help I might have had to deal with this for a very long time. This kind of healing is priceless and I am so thankful to know someone as skilled as Sean in so many areas of healing.

Sonjue K, San Jose, CA

Sean is an amazing healer who took me to a place in my soul that I had thought previously was impossible to get to. As one of those people who believes fully in energy healings and miracles, I seem to have a challenge letting go and allowing such healings in my own life. Sean’s calm approach combined with his integrated knowledge and delivery of Hypnosis and Shamanic Energy Healing were the key to my relaxing deeply enough into the process to allow healing to occur. The two things I went to Sean for help with, short term memory loss and continued self worth issues, had been front and center in my life and seemingly in control of everything due to the fears associated with them.

Sean did a two hour session with me. When completed, I had some distinct images from but little memory of what happened. However, I felt full of energy and a.l.i.v.e when I sat up. I slept like a baby that night and have noticed that my short term memory, while it still has it’s moments, is functioning at a much higher frequency- YAY!! As well, I have stepped outside my comfort zone several times, stepping out of my fear and into my confident true self, accomplishing 3 distinct goals I had set for my life and my business that had been on my list for a long time!

Forever grateful to you Sean, you are an amazing, intuitive and loving healer!

Jill P, Salem, OR

Thank you Sean for healing with a beautiful calmness that cleared many layers of energy in my body. With a clear and focused intention, you brought a wonderful mix of healing tools to our session. I was left with a new level of insight, and a springboard for deeper healing. Thank you! I’m very grateful.

MJ Schwader, Portland, OR

I’d like to give a testimonial about the interesting and powerful experience of past life regression I had with Sean. First of all, let me begin by clearly stating that at the time I did NOT believe in reincarnation when I decided to have a session with Sean.  That’s right, I did NOT believe in reincarnation. But, I did believe in the effectiveness of past life regression therapy. After studying the works of the pioneers of hypnotherapy such as Milton Erickson and LaVonna Stillman and studying the work around the therapeutic skill of cognitive restructuring (reframing), I have thought of the efficacy of Past Life Regression in terms of metaphor for handling current life challenges. So, it was with the understanding of reincarnation as metaphor that I decided to have a session with Sean.

The process of the session was very relaxing, Sean began with a guided meditation that allowed me to enter a deep state of meditation and in the relaxed state, Sean began to ask very neutral questions.  There was no hypnotic suggestions made during the sessions other than being awake and refreshed at the end of the session. What happened during and after the session was very interesting and has changed the way I look at the possibility of reincarnation.

During the session, a story unfolded and my experience shifted from watching the story to being the main character in the story. My voice and accent changed. The language I was using changed from my modern 2013 American English to an English used in the 1800’s. It was as if Sean was interviewing a man who lived in another time and clearly another place. Names and places were shared and personal history and circumstances were shared.  The whole time, I was still conscious of the fact that I was in Sean’s office but I was also very conscious that I was in a different place, even smelling horses, wood, ham cooking and hearing music being played and people talking around me.

The experience could be attributed to my vivid imagination (if I had such a gift) or to watching too many western movies (if I was a “Gun Smoke” fan…which I am not).  The interesting thing was that the story I was recalling was all about a man in a very different time, place, and culture than what I currently experience in this life. After the session, both Sean and I did some research on the names, places, and organizations that I was speaking about – and to my surprise found that everything was historical and verifiable.

All of this is interesting and the experience was very relaxing and even fun.  But, I do not want to file this away as if it was a “Kinda-cool-parlor game” or a version of campfire story telling. It was therapeutic. The process allowed me to look at the possibility of karmic action playing out in my current life situation and gave clear explanation about why I am experiencing certain body symptoms in this life and opened a door for experiencing healing in this life.  The experience also opened a door for being more in touch with my subconscious and viewing my life in the spectrum of eternity, instead of in the middle of an anxious segment.  One of my professors in college once told me that “wisdom is the gift of eternal perspective.” Sean’s therapeutic work changed my experience of “eternal perspective” from a mental concept to a very real state of being within myself right here and right now.

Needless to say, I have to admit there is more to reincarnation than I had previously understood.

Kyle B., San Jose, CA

The past life regression that I experienced with Sean was amazing! I feel that he has a wonderful blend of different healing modalities that are incredibly heartfelt and powerfilled. The level of compassion that Sean puts forth into a healing is remarkable. I have experienced many different types of healings and Sean’s style allows the person that is being healed to feel empowered from within. The path of healing that I received allowed me to feel a surge of success, brightness and love for myself- allowing me to let go of feeling like a victim. It is one thing for another to tell you that you are “xyz”, it is another to actually connect and feel it within yourself. I experienced that kind of connection and feel blessed. Thank you Sean.

Jamie S, Portland, OR

Sean’s healing work is really hard to explain how and what the heck he is doing,  but it does indeed work! There are numerous things I asked for help with. One thing that had a very quick result and is easy to explain was a pain that I had in my sacrum.  I had an injury that was helped out by, but not resolved fully with other energy methods and bodywork. It still continued to bothered me for 3 years.  Within a few minutes of him working on it, the pain was dissolved and has remained so for the last 5 months. It has continued to improve in it’s function. Other things that have been helped by Sean’s skills are an unexplainable and hard to resolve anxiety, relationship stress, PMS, pain in shoulders and elbows, and more… ALL helped by this work!

Lori K, Portland, OR

Client interview, 3 months after doing one session.

Sean: So, we worked on your shoulder. What was up with the shoulder in the first place?

Bill: The scar tissue. I ripped my trapezius all the way down. It never healed correctly. It closed up with scar tissue inside. It never went away, 9 – 10 years of living with that, getting to a healing point where it would be feeling ok, but still not good. I would stop the healing process and think that I’m all better, everything’s feeling great, and then a month or two down the line, it would just recur, and start right up where it left off. The scar tissue hits my neck and knocks my shoulder out was what it felt like. The scar tissue after any length of time, was just growing back and growing back. Until I saw you… I felt like I didn’t know what to do.

Sean: What kind of treatment had you had before?

Bill: Mainly massage therapy, chiropractor, and acupuncture. My chiropractor and my acupuncturist, they work together as a team. They were both working on the same problem at the same time with the massage therapist. I was doing that weekly, seeing all three of them, for six months. Had good relief; finally felt like my body was doing good; stopped doing the massage therapy ‘cos it’s expensive. Still going to the chiropractor, but only doing the acupuncture once a month. Trying to do maintenance, but not healing totally, because going through the healing process, I should’ve been good, but it just kept coming back. I couldn’t fight it. I couldn’t win it felt like.

Now I feel that with the connection that you made, you helped me make really, right… now you’ll catch me sometimes just doing this, (swings shoulders around in a large arc), just thinking about it. Okay, where are you? Actually getting an answer now, like, oh yeah, I’m still hurt. I’m getting better tho. So my body’s responding in a sense that it says, “Yes, you were hurt, we recognize that now. We didn’t recognize that before at all. We recognize that you’re hurt now and we can heal this now.”

So the disconnect is gone and now I’m connected. And now that I’m connected, I can work on the issue. I don’t need to see the healer all the time. I still go to the chiropractor ‘cos my neck has been out so much that I have to get my neck done on a regular basis. But my shoulders feel good. I can hold my boy now. He’s at about 40lbs. I can hold now without, when I’m getting done, it’s not a lot of pain or anything. It’s, “Yeah, that was a little heavy, it’s no big deal.” Life has moved forward for me.

Bill C, Santa Cruz, CA

As a spiritual coach and healer, I am able to access many realms of consciousness and communicate directly with the issues that present themselves in my body and life. However, I find it very satisfying, and even necessary, to have support in reaching blind spots and investigating and transcending earthly issues with another person, especially with a gifted healer, and to schedule this receiving of healing 2×2 regularly.

Sean is wicked smart and able to bring his creative self and softness of compassion into his sessions. He has a real ability to capture and transcend life issues on many different levels: emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually. I find that in our sessions, we integrate so many different Healing aspects – including those that I may have already been aware of from therapy or other places – but with Sean we are able to move some of the emotional energy and or physical stuff and life issues very dramatically in a way that transcends all the seemingly separate pieces and brings it all together. Life gets simple and clear. Consciousness evolves. Me left happy! 🙂

Flora S, Scotsdale, AZ

I am healed. I used to wake up in the morning with a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. When I came home at night I entered my house with the same. Interacting with people I felt doubt and inferiority. It’s all gone. I am freed from those old feelings. Every morning since our session I wake up feeling happy, held and unburdened. I don’t ever remember a time in my life that I’ve felt this way. I feel healed.

Thank you so much.

Cheryl L, San Jose, CA

It’s been a hugely remarkable time since our session. A few times I’ve felt the pull (or habit) of the ‘entity’, and just stopped and did something completely different and it quickly went away.

But in the last few days I’ve started experiencing things at a whole new level. I was meditating and chanting at the buddhist center and I felt beautiful waves of gratitude that brought me to tears. Unlike anything I remember before. Gratitude mostly for my wife, and truly seeing her as an angel put in my path to alter the direction my life was heading. But also God, my sponsor, you, and all. Just huge gratitude that I say would not be available if not for the work we did. Overall I feel and have felt lighter, more open, quick to let go of anger or resentment. Just more present in general.

Thank you!

Victor C, Scotsdale, AZ

I feel so lucky that I met Sean!! For me, it is sometimes difficult to find someone to talk with about spiritual thoughts/feelings/visions, etc. I’ve always felt I could talk with Sean about anything spiritual and he will not think I am weird. In fact, he might have some insights on the subject!!! He knows so much about so many things. From what I understand, we can only go so far spiritually on our own, at that time, we need the help of someone else. I need someone who makes me feel comfortable so I can relax. I will choose Sean, every time!!

Noel L, Cupertino, CA

Sean Michael Imler is an incredible healer.  His BodyTalk energetic healing has taken away horrible pain in my body on two separate occasions.

The first time I met with Sean Imler, I was experiencing migraine like headaches on the left side of my head.  After having a session with Sean – we were able to ascertain the cause of the headache and release it.  On another occasion I was experiencing pain in my belly and although the medical profession had decreed it to be diverticulitis – Sean, through his expertise at BodyTalk was able to completely release the pain and underlying causation.

In my experience Sean is not only a fantastic healer but also his BodyTalk is a great way to understand the ongoing causation to alleviate pain and suffering.

Rev. Doti Boon, Center For Creative Living, San Jose, CA

Sean is an amazing healer, life coach, therapist, and body talk expert. He was able to bring peace to some old emotional wounds that I hadn’t thought about or even realized were still there. I went to him because I felt “stuck” and was searching for advice on my life purpose. After just two months of sessions, I already felt much healing and therefore more joy than ever in my daily life and am also able to express myself better and see more clearly changes to make to encourage my happiness and growth so that I may pursue my dreams being more in the flow and in the spirit of love.

Candace C, Aptos, CA

I contacted Sean because I had a problem with my energy that was hindering my connection to spirits as well as making energy work more difficult for me. I have always found it difficult to feel energy and I thought it was just that some people find it easier than others and thought nothing more of it. Recently I was made aware of this blocking energy and found Sean via the internet. I had one remote session with Sean via Skype and my problem was resolved. Sean conducted a past life regression and we discovered that a traumatic past life had caused my current energetic condition and Sean enabled me to heal this issue during the session without the need for further remedial work. I am still amazed that this issue was so quickly resolved and Sean’s session was my first past life regression therapy. I was extremely pleased with Sean’s guidance and results and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others who are considering contacting him for assistance.

Neil G, Perth, Western Australia

Sean is an intuitive, insightful and compassionate healer. I went to him for help with my career. After a couple sessions it turned out it wasn’t my career that was in need attention but other areas of my life. I had some internal mental blocks that we addressed. By doing some deep meditations, he helped me work through them. After each session I felt shifts happening in my life. They were subtle but very impactful. I can honestly say after working with Sean I feel more peaceful and content with where I am in my life. I strongly recommend using his services. It will be time and money well spent.

Esther M, Los Gatos, CA

Asking to describe my experience with Sean is not an easy task because there is so many great things that I would like to say. I was recommended to Sean by a trusted family member and now I have recommended others. I have experienced positive and real results in my life thanks to Sean. I am a believer in counselors and therapy but the difference I experienced working with Sean is that I am focused on the present and future with healing for the past but in a positive experience. Although I have been working with Sean for over a year now I still don’t understand completely how it works so well but it does. The sessions for me have not been in an intense and dramatic way but in a subtle and positive difference that I can look back on. I am glad to have his expertise in my life and would recommend Sean to anyone looking for positive growth in your life.

Jennifer M, Marina, CA

Sean is awesome. His hypnosis sessions are the best I’ve ever had. His voice is clear and his tone will guide you as deep as you allow. I am pleased with the program he created just for me.

Glory-A M, San Jose, CA

My experience with Sean was very positive. I found him to be knowledgeable and clear in his questions and his summarizations. I was very pleased with his services and would recommend his hypnosis and healing work to others.

Lillian R, San Jose, CA

Sean is such an amazing and gifted person and I am truly blessed to have been referred onto him through my dad who is also a client. I have had several sessions with Sean in regards to removing unwanted entity attachments and blockages. Sean was able to tie together several different issues I was experiencing and I am so excited to say that with his guidance have been able to remove the unwanted entities and blockages within 2 sessions. I am so excited to have found someone so gifted I cant recommend him enough and am happy to say I will be having further sessions with him to evolve my spiritual knowledge 🙂 I can’t thank you enough Sean for all the help you have provided me with it is truly invaluable:-)

Lauren G, Perth, Western Australia

Since childhood I have been highly intuitive. From hearing voices when no one was around, feeling the presence of entities around me, to seeing shadows walk in front of my doorway, I have been swamped with spiritual happenings for 20+ years. Lately, I have been on a mission to understand this part of my life. I have recently began meditating to connect with these positive energies and sought guidance.

I am traveling around the USA and happened to be near San Jose. I looked up MANY spiritual healers and connected with Sean right away simply by viewing his picture. I set up a session and was VERY impressed by his knowledge and intuitiveness. As soon as I began to talk about my life he picked up on some type of ancestor energy. He immediately did a Native American ritual to heighten that particular energy. This was all BEFORE I told him that I have Native American ancestry. Impressive! Also, he helped (greatly) with residual neck tension by way of blocked energy. In addition, I had a chance to connect with some of the energies I grew up with, one being my Native American past life of sorts. Though I live in Louisiana I would gladly drive to California for another session. Such a great experience! No hocus pocus, just pure spirit and pure results. Thank you Sean!

Joshua D, Baton Rouge, LA

I went to my first appointment with Sean with problems I didn’t even know I had. The structure of the treatment I received opened my eyes to a whole new world and allowed me to, with Sean’s guidance, evaluate and work on myself from a deeper level that like I said, I didn’t even know existed. I had amazing results and will utilize the knowledge I gained for the rest of my life. If anything is hindering you from living the life you desire and deserve to live, I believe Sean can at the very least help you in some shape or form, if not set you up on a path to complete wellness.

If the general topic of “consciousness” doesn’t currently have any real application to your life, I would recommend Blue Bear Healing any day of the week, even if you don’t feel like you have any urgent, underlying, or disabling issues in your life. All it takes is enlightenment and I’ve never spoken with anyone more knowledgeable on the subject than Sean. Remember, be patient and it works if you do!

Ricky P, Saratoga, CA