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Understanding You

There are so many paths that we can choose that I’ve always felt it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. No two people are alike and no one path will serve all of us, especially in healing our body mind complex. My objective in being a healer is to help each individual find what works best for them.

I am an incredibly adaptive person. I have had a lot of healing to do of my own. I know how to do it because I’ve implemented the things I’ve studied, and I love helping people get in touch with the part of themselves that exists beyond the physical form. In fact, nothing brings me more joy. I have not experienced every form of suffering that I facilitate healing for, but in many cases, I’ve been there in one way or another. I have experience with addiction, abuse, disease, mental illness, loss, anger, betrayal, forgiveness, self acceptance, depression, suicide, overcoming grief, issues around homosexuality, and incest.

I’m well aware that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves on all levels; the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Our physical immune system is a perfect example. The doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, and counselor approach the condition from their points of view, but these disciplines don’t communicate with each other. My strength is my holistic point of view. As a healer, I use many tools such as BodyTalk, one of the most advanced healing systems on the planet which balances the core issues preventing our healing, be it physiological or mental/emotional. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I work with substance challenges such as food, tobacco, and intoxicants, as well as spirit invasion and past life regression. As a life coach, I’ll “go there“ with you to find the personal challenges that you’re facing and help you redefine and strengthen your foundation and structure on which to build a healthy life. As an instructor, I’ve recently started teaching a course called “Living a Sacred Life” which empowers you with the tools that we should’ve gotten as children to live in balance with Mother Earth, her energies, and the other spiritual beings that occupy the same multi-dimensional space. Everything is alive. Everything has spirit.

About Sean Michael Imler

I’m a native Californian with my eyes to the west; the place of our ancestors. I have a pragmatic side that tirelessly finds solutions, and a visionary side that perpetually dreams. I’ve worked for tech in Silicon Valley and have a complete understanding of corporate life, yet I’m an artist and musician that has an undying love for creative expression. I became interested in psychology at the age of 17 when I attended psychotherapy for the first time. I was introduced to gestalt therapy, Jung’s study of the archetypes, and the books, “The Road Less Traveled,” and “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him”, which forever changed my life and began a profound spiritual journey that lead me into the healing arts.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art and Multimedia, UCSC
  • Certified Advanced BodyTalk and PaRama Practitioner (AdvCBP) – International BodyTalk Association
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist – Dolores Cannon
  • Certified Sound Healer – Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute
  • Ordained Multi-Faith Reverend and Minister – Universal Church of the Master
  • Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher – Multiple sources
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Fun Stuff

I have original artwork available on Fine Art America which can be viewed online.

I’ve recorded two CD’s, available on iTunes and other music media outlets under the name, “Rhythma.” I’ve played in bands since I was a teenager, playing music of many different genres and instruments. I also have a deep interest in Lakota ceremonial music and enjoy singing for ceremonies throughout the year.

Sean Michael Imler