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Arbor Meditation

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Amazing Trees

The natives to the North American continent call them the “standing ones.” They’re one of the most important species on the planet in terms of their nurturing of our atmosphere. Without them, we could never remove the carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants from the air we breathe. Basically, we can’t live without them.

I’m talking about the tree nation. Many of those that understand the depth to which the trees help to support our ecosystem and our lives energetically have been called tree huggers. This condescending term is actually a compliment. Have you ever been in a state of confusion, depression, despair, and needed a hug? If so, have you tried hugging a tree? If you haven’t, then you’ve missed out on the support that these amazing creatures offer humanity on an energetic level. Science has a very difficult time quantifying this type of subtle energy, but believe me, it’s there in copious amounts. Those of you that have hugged a tree know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s like the comfort of your grandmother when you’ve skinned your knee, or the unconditional love of your canine best friend.

I bring all of this up to share a meditation of connecting with the tree. It helps bring support and nurturing into your life when it feels like you have spun out of control or can’t get your bearings. Sometimes its just to get centered to perform a task that will require your utmost concentration. I call it the “Arbor Meditation,” and there are probably a thousand versions of this meditation, but this is mine, and I’ve been using it for 20 years, expanding on it and perfecting it in a way that it feels like second nature to me. I personally love to do it in the shower with the water running over the back of my neck to calm and soothe me. What does a tree like more than sunlight? Water.

The Technique

Imagine that you are a tree, your body being the trunk. Out of your feet, roots are growing down into the many layers of soil, granite, underground streams, and crystalline formations, down to the liquid core of Mother Earth.

Now bring your attention to your head, and extending up to the sun are branches, reaching out beyond the blue sky and into the heavens. Each and very leaf at the end of every branch is a star in the cosmos.

When you inhale, imagine that the earth is supporting you. Draw up into the roots a white, radiant liquid light. The nourishment and love that this tree needs flows through this white liquid light, up through the roots. Hold that light in you at the top of your breath for a couple of moments, feeling it settle in your heart where you can feel a nurturing creativity and love growing.

When you release your breath, imagine that the loving supportive energy is traveling up the trunk of the tree, out the top of your head, into the branches, and out to the tips where large white blossoms are waiting to receive that nourishment. They grow radiant with light, making them receptive to more love and light.

When you inhale again, put your attention on Father Sky. Imagine that high above you is a universe of peace, love, and healing. You see the sun and the stars waiting for you to draw all of that healing energy into the blossoms, down the branches, and into the trunk of the tree, into your heart. You sense that all of the loving, healing energy is filling your heart with a bright white light of love, understanding, awareness and tranquility. Hold that energy there at the top of your breath for a moment letting yourself feel a bliss that comes from being cared for, nurtured and loved.

When you exhale, let that loving light and energy pour down the trunk and into the roots which grow deeper and wider. Share this feeling of love and radiant energy with Mother Earth and all of humanity.

Repeat these steps as many times as you like until you have a feeling of being centered and balanced, knowing that everything is just as it should be and that you can handle any situation with poise, understanding and compassion.

Going Deeper

Inhale from both Mother Earth and Father Sky simultaneously. Keep your attention focused on the molten core of Mother Earth, drawing it up into your roots, landing in your heart. At the same time, draw down the molten core of the sun through your branches and into the heart. Watch as the energies comingle and if you understand the shape of the torus around your heart, let it travel in a spiral vortex around and through the torus.

When you exhale, watch the energy of these molten sources travel opposite themselves: Earth’s energy to the heavens, and the sun’s energy down into the earth. Feel the lack of separation between the three of you. Embrace the unity of this sacred union of Mother Earth, Father Sky or the sun, and you.

The more adept you become at holding Mother Earth and Father Sky simulataneously, the easier you slip into the right brain, leaving logic and reason behind. You embrace the oneness of all things. From this place, true creative inspiration arises, allowing you the freedom to draw upon unique and original ideas and ground breaking solutions to difficult problems.

Sean Michael Imler

I am a minister, life coach, hypnotherapist, and spiritual energy healer from Campbell, California. I help people on all levels of body, mind, and spirit to overcome emotional and physical dis-ease, and bring about optimal health and well-being. Learn more at

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