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NeuralAmbience Music

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Music for Meditation, Hypnosis, Intense Focus,
Astral Travel & Journeying

This music is specifically designed to induce a deep state of relaxation, focus, and balance. I’ve combined scientific, musical, and organic elements to create sounds that are known to bring the hemispheres of the brain into balance, induce alpha and theta states, and are sonically pleasing.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I started this project because I couldn’t find music to suit my personal needs. Being a musician and recording engineer, I took it upon myself to create what I wanted to hear which was music that is played in A432Hz, used algorithms that enforced meantone temperament, and used a binaural feedback system.

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If possible, listen to these tracks with headphones for the best possible experience. It’s not necessary because the monaural system is used, but it could enhance your focus ability when programming, brainstorming, or working with challenging material.

I’ve created 20, 40 and 60 minute versions of each song for timed meditations and hypnosis sessions. I’ve also created Youtube videos where you can listen for free to the original track that these versions were created from. Their lengths vary.

If you like the music, I encourage you to purchase these tracks from either this web site using PayPal, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. I’ve provided buttons under each video to take you to the various online retail outlets for each track. Please show your appreciation and support by leaving comments and feedback on my Youtube videos and/or retail outlets. It really helps me get some notice for the work I’ve done. Thank you!

NeuralAmbience I

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Version I is tuned to 8Hz, the low end of the alpha state. This promotes an in-depth focus and a deep state of oneness, especially good for the trance state required by hypnosis.
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NeuralAmbience II

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Version II starts at 12Hz, the upper end of the alpha state, and descends to 7Hz, the upper end of the theta state. Because of the gradual decline, this is a great track to help you de-stress, slowly sinking into a centered state of being. A personal favourite.
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NeuralAmbience II Journey

Find NeuralAmbience II Journey on Google Play
Version II Journey starts at 12Hz and descends to 7Hz, the high end of the theta state, and also includes what is know as a journey beat. The monotonous drum has been used by shamans for centuries to induce a state of oneness, occupying the left brain so that the shaman can go into a deep state of trance.
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NeuralAmbience III

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Version III is tuned to 9Hz, the lower end of the alpha state, especially good for brainstorming, intense focus, and problem solving. At this state, you’re especially tuned into the part of the self that’s looking for creative solutions to complex problems or self exploration. Undoubtedly good for hypnosis.
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NeuralAmbience IV

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Version IV is especially tuned to 4Hz to assist in astral travel. This is reported by The Monroe Institute whose probably done the most research in the astral travel and the plane of existence in this energy field. This track is equally good for meditation, hypnosis, and intense focus, but gives an extra boost for where it’s needed.
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