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Sound Healing

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  • Move stuck energy
  • Increase serenity
  • Express inhibitions
  • Bring stability to emotions
  • Connect with your infinite self
  • Find vital methods of expression
  • Raise your vibrational field

Why Sound Healing?

Everything has a frequency at which it vibrates, including every part of the body. By tuning into the resonant frequencies of our ailments, we can bring balance to our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our lives. Some frequencies or rate of vibration are audible and we use our ears to perceive them. Some are in the spectrum of light and carry a hue of color thus perceived by the eyes. Some are only perceived as a subtly felt sense otherwise known as clairsentience. My job is to tune into each of these to find what best serves the client’s healing.

How Does it Work?

I do sound healing in different ways, sometimes with the client’s participation using vocal tones, harmonic overtones or chanting, and sometimes with instruments and noise makers. Sound is a powerful vehicle for the release of stuck energy and a harmonizer of the body’s meridian system which can bring about powerful shifts in the body mind.

I have a sound healing certificate from the Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco where I reviewed many different approaches to sound healing. I studied how particular frequencies and combinations of frequencies affect the body mind, as well as machines that are available to generate them, creating a visceral experience. I’ve studied the effects of singing bowls, the use of rhythm, and the combination of sound and body movement and yoga for release. What I found is that I like a personal experience that relies on my intuition and my relationship to the spirit and angelic realm to know where to take a healing session, moment by moment. This is in line with other teachers I’ve studied with, namely Tom Kenyon and Dr. Lauri Shainsky.

I truly appreciate Tom Kenyon’s ability to channel benevolent beings to do healing for us using the voice as a vehicle. He taught me how important it is to have a compassionate yet level headed approach to working with the spirit realm. Our brains will do everything they can to tell us that none of this stuff makes any sense, and if we let go to our higher consciousness, there’s a wellspring of healing potential to be tapped, but it’s important to provide structure to it and have the vocabulary to work with it. This is very in line with the shamanic approach of Dr. Lauri Shainsky, whom I’ve shared some magical experiences with and has become a mentor to me as a shamanic practitioner, a shamanic sound healer, and a ceremonial singer. She has taught me how to use sound and song in a sacred manner that has opened incredible experiences for me as a conduit for spirit to work through me.

As a sound healer, I serve but am not limited to the following areas in California: Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Cupertino, Capitola, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Redwood City, Palo Alto, and Los Altos.