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  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Alleviate stress reactions
  • Understand yourself in greater depth
  • Move energy blockages
  • Bring balance to your everyday functioning
  • Heal physical trauma
  • Bring about a healthy functioning body
  • Improve your well-being
  • Have healthy relationships with others
  • Heal from toxicity
  • Create balance with microorganisms
  • Find relief from invasive energy

Why BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is comprehensive because it combines western allopathic medicinal approaches with the holistic understanding of eastern medicine. It will not shut the door on using other approaches but rather supports the usage of other systems in the practitioner’s tool belt to bring about change in the client. BodyTalk is effective because it looks at the relationship between systems within the body-mind and weeds out the causes for imbalance and dis-ease. I feel confident in using it before other modalities in most instances because of its power and flexibility.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a healing system that is the energetic equivalent of modern medicine. It uses the models of western anatomy, physiology and brain function, and combines it with the diagnostic understanding of the body as a holistic system understood in Chinese medicine. In this way, it is used to promote healing to the physical body, but this is only a small part of its power.

BodyTalk is also a comprehensive energetic release mechanism for emotional trauma, habit patterning, and perceived barriers to emotional, mental and spiritual growth. The body holds invaluable insight into the causes of our disease and trauma and what’s needed to heal them, all with safe, non-invasive procedures. With the indispensable tools of the BodyTalk practitioner, we can release years of suffering, both physical and emotional in very little time, sometimes instantly.

BodyTalk Clinical Research

A clinical research study was conducted by Laura L. Stuve, PhD, and Janet Galipo, MA, DOM. The findings were statistically significant in the pain reduction, emotional factors such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and quality of life. The fact that the sessions were conducted at a distance is extraordinary. Read the published findings in Nova Science Publisher’s “Yearbook of Pain Management 2014.”

BodyTalk Access and Cortices Technique

Read more about what sessions are like on the Sessions Details page.

BodyTalk System
Because the nature of the BodyTalk system is based on quantum theory, dynamic systems theory, and ancient philosophies of the human body-mind, it uses principles that enable the practitioner to facilitate healing at a distance. This means that the client and practitioner do not have to occupy the same space or even work within the same time frame. Read more about Distance Healing.

As a hands-on BodyTalk practitioner, I serve but am not limited to the following areas in California: Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Cupertino, Capitola, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Redwood City, Palo Alto, and Los Altos.